3 ways to think differently about selling and the costs associated

If you are looking to sell and you are concerned about the cost of the entire process you are not alone. Selling your home may be the biggest and most significant transaction you will make in your lifetime.

Money spent on commission, when houses seem to be practically selling themselves, seems wasted. The cost of home improvement, home styling and advertising can seem outrageous.

For long time home owners, the entire cost may equal the amount your home was originally purchased for. It is an entirely different world.

The most common mistake that sellers make is focussing on the costs and not the outcome of the sale. By making decisions based on these factors alone, you could end up costing yourself a whole lot more in the process.

If you can think positively from the start of the process and attract the right agent and develop a great partnership and have a highly successful experience, you will not think about the costs when the contracts have been signed.

If, however, you are not impressed with the service of the agent, despite the end result, you will never forget the expense.

Here are 3 ways to ensure you end up having a fantastic selling experience and you achieve the best possible outcome:

1. Consider the money you spend as a way to improve the final outcome

Before you do choose to spend money on your home, it would be wise to understand whether or not your property is likely to be purchased for development purposes.

Baby boomers are looking to downsize and the developers are always looking for blocks of land to build smaller dwellings that will accommodate this growing need.

If you would like your home to remain standing, please let your agent know. They can adjust their advertising campaign accordingly.

An agent will not be aware of this unless you do say so. Their number one focus is to achieve the best price, however for you, selling with a great outcome may mean more than simply achieving a high sale price.

A great agent will advise you on how best to prepare your home for sale. Agents spend all day talking to buyers and they will know what they are looking for and what aspects of a home will increase the end sale price.

Your agent may suggest a home stylist to replace your furniture and freshen up your entire home. This cost will be quite significant however can really transform the space and will most certainly improve the result.

2. Be prepared to spend money on advertising in order to attract the right buyer for your home

Your agent may advise an advertising package however it is up to you to approve the cost and their will be various options available. If an agent offers to pay for all advertising, be wary. It should not be the main reason you choose that agent.

To have a priority listing on the main portals is costly although everyone is looking online when it comes time to sell and this is where your agent will attract the most enquiry.

Not so long ago, an agent I know well had two very similar properties listed at the same time in very similar areas. One vendor chose a cheaper advertising package and the other chose the more expensive one.

The number of view and inspections were doubled with the property that had spent more on advertising. The end result was also relative.

If the agent has a very keen buyer that is on their books, and has matched them to your property, you may not have to go through the process of advertising however I would still advise that you go through the process of marketing your property thoroughly for peace of mind, especially in a highly active market place.

Again, the return on investment will come when you achieve the best sales price possible.

3. Do not be tempted to choose an agent or agency based on commission alone.

An average commission may seem like money wasted because it is not that hard to sell a home, right?

The entire selling process can be incredibly stressful if you are not in good hands. In most cases it can run smoothly if you are working with a great agent who will look after you throughout the process and this is what you will remember at the end of the day.

Their negotiation skills can see your property sell for a great deal more than even you may expect.

The more strongly you are connected to an agent will determine how hard they work for you and how helpful they will be. It is just human nature.

If you feel pressured in anyway, this may be a sign to keep looking.


When choosing an agent, it is important to trust your gut and align with agents that have similar values to you, in the same way you would choose to align with anyone you may form a partnership with.

If you have lived through a time when the industry was not so regulated, you may have experienced unethical practices first hand. I am still hearing stories from the past, a bad experience in this industry is not easily forgotten.

I believe the industry is fast changing and you will receive great service if you align with the right agent. We wish you well on your journey to sale.

Julia Dyer, owner and founder of the Downsizing Connections Group, and Lifestlye Consultant is here to help you feel more confident and in control on your downsizing journey, so you can transition with ease. Her top priority is to help you overcome the overwhelm and ensure you maintain your health and wellbeing through the process. Click here to get in touch with Julia today.