About me

Julia Dyer

Lifetsyle Consultant

With over a decade of experience as a communication specialist in the property industry, Julia understands that moving from the family home can prove to be a highly emotional and stressful time.


With over 56 Live Downsizing Masterclass events under her belt, Julia became familiar with the concerns of those looking to Downsize, it became apparent there was a big gap between the thought of downsizing and the actual sale of the family home.

More information, support, and independent advice is needed, to help people navigate their way through the process, keeping their personal situation in mind.

For this reason, Julia has formed the Downsizing Connections Group to help those looking to downsize transition with ease.

With your health and wellbeing her utmost priority, you can be rest assured things will be done at your own pace and when the time is right. 

Consultation services are also highly confidential.

What others are saying.


Is it time to find a
more appropriate sized home?

Here are some signs that may indicate it is time to make your next move:


  • Your home is no longer serving the purpose you bought it for

  • Your home is hard to manage

  • You cannot go up the stairs

  • You are feeling isolated

  • You are feeling unwell / stressed

  • You do not want to have friends over

  • You would like to feel more connected to a community

If you can recognise any of these signs, it is time to take the next step.