Information Sessions

Julia Dyer

Lifetsyle Consultant

One of the most common reasons, people do not Downsize and free up their life, is because they are attached to their things, and simply cannot let go.

If this sounds like you, please join me on my Downsizing and Decluttering session.

This session will include a short overview
on Downsizing as well an effective 5-step Decluttering plan that will help you overcome
the overwhelm.

You will leave feeling inspired to take action and feel more positive about your next move.

Here is what others are saying:

Thank you for the seminar today Julia. It was very helpful in prompting where to start and breaking it down step by step. I don’t actually have a lot of clutter but do have a lot of special items which will have to go. 

Kind regards, Linda 

Thanks so much for such an informative and interesting session today Julia, and the workbook on decluttering you have emailed.
It is a very practical approach to decluttering, which is something many of us find overwhelming and hard to get started on.

Fortunately, I am not in a rush to declutter and downsize, but I will now take a more organised approach as you suggest. It takes a lot longer than I thought - by the time you identify what to get rid of and then find homes for these things in an environmentally friendly way.



Thank you SO MUCH Julia. I do feel inspired. I would sincerely appreciate the additional information on Downsizing.

Kind regards, Norma

Thanks so much Julia. My Mum hates the concept of ZOOM and much prefers it in person, but you managed to make it feel intimate and personalised so thank you for making it such a positive experience for her... the journey begins!


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Join me on a live information session
and let the Downsizing journey begin.

What you can expect to learn on the live zoom information session.

  • The 4-step Downsizing Roadmap

  • How to shift your mindset

  • How to best manage change

  • How to ‘let go’ of things you cannot take with you

  • How to decide what to keep, sell or toss

  • How to redistribute your things

  • Where you should begin

  • Tips on moving

This session will help you become clear about the journey ahead.