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Sharing independent advice  to help you feel more confident and in control on your downsizing journey.



The Downsizing Connections Group is here to help you feel more confident and in control on your downsizing journey, so you can transition with ease.


We do this by sharing independent advice through our consultation services and live online events and connecting you with trusted professionals along the way.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and emotional with just the thought of downsizing, you are not alone. Moving home can stir up many mixed emotions from the past and is possibly one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life.

Even though a downsize can be challenging, there are so many benefits once the transition has been made. In fact, the most common remark we hear is ‘we wish we’d done it sooner’.

We are here to help support you throughout the entire process so you can make informed decisions, begin your next chapter, and live your best life.

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“Julia was absolutely fantastic, putting me in touch with other people who could help me and gave me wonderful advice on how to make a start and set easy goals for myself. As a result, I sold my house a month later and have since found a beautiful new home.” 

Bev Evans

“We have been so grateful, you were the one completely honest person who had Mum’s best interests at heart. Thank you for helping us through the emotional and often stressful process of preparing our family home for sale and finding Mum a fantastic new home.” 

Melissa Evans

“Thanks so much Julia. My Mum hates the concept of ZOOM and much prefers in person, but you managed to make it feel intimate and personalised so thank you for making it such a positive experience for her… the journey begins!”

Janet McArdle

“Thanks so much for such an informative and interesting session today and the workbook on decluttering you have emailed. It is a very practical approach to decluttering, which is something many of us find overwhelming and hard to get started on.”

Meredith Bates