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Are you thinking of Downsizing and not sure where to begin?


If you are looking to Downsize in the near future and you are feeling completely overwhelmed you are not alone.  We understand you have a big job ahead and it may fee incredibly daunting. Your situation may be imminent or you may be in no immediate hurry, just looking to plan for your future.


The Downsizing Connections Group has been formed to help guide you through the downsizing process by offering sound, independent advice and connecting you with trusted professionals along the way.


We are currently holding Decluttering sessions as well as Downsizing Masterclass events nationwide. These events are hosted by keynote speaker, Belinda Woolrych, author of Rightsize Your Home -  the Empty Nester’s Guide to a Stress-free Downsize or Julia Dyer, the owner and founder of the Dowsizing Connections Group. These events have been designed to help you feel more confident and in control on your Downsizing journey so you can transition with ease.


For the dates and times for our upcoming Downsizing Masterclasses, please click on the button below or call our toll free booking line on 1800 625 163




About the Downsizing Connections Masterclass Events



Thinking of attending, not sure what to expect?


In a helpful 90-minute session, we will help you overcome the overwhelm and feel more positive about making your next move and excited about the next stage of your retirement.


We will discuss the cycles of change, as well as deliver a 5-step plan to help you declutter and decide what to keep, sell and toss. You will leave with a strategic plan and have all of your questions answered.


Why are we holding these events?

Too often, we hear stories of that do not take into consideration the most important person in the process which is you! We are here to help make sure you are well informed, can make the right decisions, and provide the support you need so you transition with ease.




Who will be there?


Host: Julia Dyer, Owner, and founder of the Downsizing Connections Group


Keynote Speaker: Belinda Woolrych, CEO - Papillon Styling and Renovations and author of Rightsize Your Home


Q&A Panel: Local Industry Experts to answer the most asked questions regarding financial advice, the property market, and retirement living.


- Please feel free to note your own questions down and bring them along!




What others are saying...


Most informative, interesting, excellent.” Rae 


“It was fantastic, thank you very much. 10/10.” Monika 


“Going to this event was the most valuable thing I have done for myself.
Thank you for your support!”  Marilyn


Post sale : “I am not going to miss, edging and mowing and trimming or weeding...
ONE BIT! ”  Bryan




Can’t find a location near you or you cannot make the event?


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