House for sale by Valerie Holdsworth

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Every year, in the Seniors Festival of Victoria, the Downsizing Connections Group proudly facilitate Downsizing Masterclasses and they are supported by many council groups, including the City of Kingston.

In 2019, before COVID hit, there was an intergenerational program held by the Kingston City Council, with the exhibition of work displayed at the Seniors Festival Opening Event. The project involved the older generation writing poems, with the younger generation illustrating their poem. It was a truly magical union and such a delightful way to connect the two.

On the opening, Valerie wrote a poem about leaving her family home, which she read out aloud. It was so beautifully written and relayed, I was extremely moved.

Valerie went on to open 2 of our Downsizing Masterclass events by reading her poem to our attendees. It was a hit!!

I used to be young and beautiful Sleek, very much admired For my ceilings high, and cornices; Tiled fireplaces fine. The garden all around me Was colourful and neat I was at one time, known as, The ‘best house’ in the street. Time is not kind to houses, Interest and finance lapse My garden gate is creaking; One ceiling has collapsed. Once elegant and perfect But like a girl, I’ve aged. The ‘For Sale’ sign up outside me Announces my next stage. Please be a family who buys me I can be filled with laughter So instead of dying, with care and a little fresh paint I can live happily ever after.

Can you write a poem about your family home, and memories? Why not ask one of your grand children or loved ones to illustrate. It will be a highly treasured piece.

Please feel free to email and share it with us: We cannot wait to see what you create.