In-Home Event Package

Rightsize Your Home

Belinda Woolrych, Keynote speaker, Author of Rightsize Your Home and Downsizing Expert.

The Downsizing Connections In-Home Event Package has been designed to help you gain insight and clarity around your next move.

In the comfort of your own home, you can watch a 3-part video and learn everything
you need to know to help you embark on your downsizing journey.

The content, delivered by Downsizing expert and author, Belinda Woolrych, has been developed from over a decade of experience of working with clients who have successfully downsized their homes.


Belinda shares independent advice in an engaging and enlightening manner and will help you feel more positive about your next move.

Part ONE is all about ‘Shifting the mindset’


In the first chapter, we will discuss how to overcome the challenges and feel more positive about your next move.


Part TWO is about ‘Letting go’


In the second chapter, I will be discussing how you can create an actionable and realistic decluttering plan.


Part THREE is all about making your next move


In the final chapter we will be discussing how to best prepare your home for sale so you can maximise your profit

The package comes complete with a handy Downsizing workbook, the book Rightsize your Home and ‘7 secrets to moving from your family home’.


After you watch the video and complete the activities, you will be well on your way to a more ‘Rightsized Life’.

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Shift your mindset.
Gain clarity.
Make your next move.

This three part video will address all of your concerns and help answer questions you had not even crossed your mind.

The content will take you on a journey of self-discovery and encourage you to move through the process, so you can begin your best life.

You may have received the In-Home Event Package as a ‘gift’ from a Lifestyle or Retirement Village Manager, or Sales Professional.


Reach out to these trusted professionals at any stage, they are here to help you transition with ease.