How to think differently about selling and the costs associated.

If you are looking to sell and you are concerned about the cost of the entire process you are not alone.

Selling your home may be the most significant transaction you will make in your lifetime. ​Money spent on commission, when houses seem to be practically selling themselves, seems wasted. The cost of updating your home and advertising can seem outrageous.

For longtime homeowners, the entire cost may equal the amount your home was originally purchased for. It is an entirely different world.

The most common mistake that sellers make is focussing on the costs and not the outcome of the sale. By making decisions based on these factors alone, you could end up costing yourself a whole lot more in the process.

If you can think positively from the start of the process and attract the right agent and develop a great partnership and have a highly successful experience, you will not think about the costs when the contracts have been signed.

If, however, you are not impressed with the service of the agent, despite the result, you will never forget the expense.

Below is a list of 7 things sellers would go and do differently if selling again.

►► 1. Asking agents for information on the sale prices of similar homes in the area, so my expectations are realistic.

►► 2. Contacting an agent sooner so they can help me connect with the right people to help me prepare for sale.

►► 3. Understanding the aspects buyers are looking for so I can spend money in the right areas when renovating.

►► 4. Asking an agent how much experience they have had before signing with them.

►► 5. Not choosing to pay an incentive, or ‘kicker’ to the agent.

►► 6. I would like to have a say in the photos used online.

►► 7. I would agree to have my property listed on a premium site on the internet.

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Julia Dyer, owner and founder of the Downsizing Connections Group, is intent on helping those looking to Downsize transition with ease.

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