Consulting Services

Julia Dyer

Lifetsyle Consultant

Just the thought of moving from the family home can be completely overwhelming.


You may be planning for the future, or your situation may be imminent. You may be under an extreme amount of stress.


By receiving independent advice, and support, you can now make informed decisions which will lead to the best outcome.


An outline of the 4-step roadmap to success follows:

Step 1


Learning all about you


Step 1 is a complimentary service. On an invitation, we will visit your home and understand your current situation and future goals. At this initial meeting, you will also learn about the services we provide and how we can best help.


You will receive a free Downsizing Starter Kit including the book Rightsize Your Home by Downsizing Expert - Belinda Woolrych.



Step 2


Your Strategic Plan


On engagement, the next stage is working out your timeline and creating an individualised plan so you have clarity and can navigate your way through the process.


If you have not yet found your new abode, we will discuss the options available. We will also connect you with trusted service providers who can support you along the way.



Step 3


Guiding you through the sales process


The next step is all about connecting you with a suitable agent according to your plan, who can help you achieve a fantastic outcome. We will ensure this is a seamless experience and you remain in control of the process at all times.



Step 4


Helping you make your move


After your home has been sold, and settlement approaches, we will help co-ordinate your move, right up until you feel comfortable and settled in your new home.


Arrange a visit on 0404 293 485 or click here to make a time on zoom.


Your decisions.
Your next chapter.
Your best life.

Your wellbeing is our primary concern. Here are some benefits of finding a more appropriate sized home:


  • Little maintenance will be required in your new home

  • Improve social networks

  • Less stress

  • Better self-esteem

  • More time on your hands

  • More money in your bank account

  • New memories to be created

When you are more connected to the community, the most significant benefit will be a happier and healthier you!