Proud members of the Change | Agent Initiative

Giving Back in 2019 and Beyond


The Downsizing Connections Group is a proud member of the Change | Agent Initiative and chooses to give back to help create social change by sharing a percentage of profits to make a positive impact within the local and wider community.



What is the Change | Agent Initiative?


The Change | Agent initiative is a collective platform to help encourage industry experts to spend more consciously when marketing and gift giving in order to create social change. 



How are we choosing to Contribute?


When you attend one of our events, we will share 50% of the profits with Rotary International who are doing tremendous work within the local and global communities. 

The Downsizing Connections Group is also choosing to gift more consciously by choosing Thankyou who is a social enterprise and donate 100% of their profits to helping provide safe water and sanitary items to people in need, globally. Their mission is to end global poverty in this lifetime.


Together with fellow industry experts, we will be helping to make an incredible each and every day, and positively impact the lives of others each and every day.



Would you like to know more?


if you would like to learn more about the Change | Agent Initiative, please visit




Proudly supporting Rotary International